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Interior decorating -ADHD style.


I moved into my flat about half a year ago. It’s a glorious place, but I never actually finished it.

Recently I decorated the hall. And bought an indoor palm; which was a special at the supermarket. Didn’t think ahead when I went to the supermarket on my bicycle… of course, there’s no way to transport a 1,5m high plant in a heavy pot on a bicycle if your arm feels like breaking off before you even walked out of the shopping centre. So, took the bus home, and then had to walk back to pick up the bicycle.

Now, it’s time to make a study. I mean NOW. Not next month… NOW. It seems like a brilliant idea, you see… and it has to be green and organised because that’s the only way I’m going to find some quiet and get stuff done.  I have a rough idea in my head of what it’s supposed to end up like. Since, I’ve been carrying home random items (still haven’t passed my driver’s) on a bicycle. Not entirely practical, but it works… and turns out a Fatboy stays on your bike while you push it…. I also bought curtains.

Or rather, I bought a green curtain. I completely failed to read the package in the store; and I mean… who needs only one curtain?

Once I got home I decided I didn’t like the curtain that much anyway; so I’m looking for something else. I’ll take it back; I have to get an office chair anyway, but after putting the fatboy in the room I decided it would be more practical to paint the room before putting in everything… (my desk was already there, together with an ironing board and clothes rack)

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Preferably short introduction…

Well hello there….

I’m 25 years old, smart,  tall, blonde and skinny. Oh, and female. And, I think I have ADHD. And, I love animals. And, I’m creative.

See, I’ve had some issues in my 25 years on this earth. To make a long story short: eating disorders, chaos, depression. But I don’t want this blog to be a sad story. It’s going to be a story of hope.

Recently it hit me: I probably have adult ADHD, and I am having myself tested. It explains so much! I’m impulsive, restless, chaotic… it’s just not funny anymore. Oh, and don’t forget the attention deficit. I have DCD, I was your typical ADD-impulsive type child…. and yes, I could know because I worked with ADHD kids. Ironically the bus didn’t hit me then. About 2 weeks ago I read an article in one of my journals about ADHD-kids frequently also suffering from DCD (developmental coordination disorder). I thought it was interesting, then I thought that it was funny that I was so much like an ADD kid (with impulsiveness, but I didn’t have the motor skills to be hyperactive!) …. And at some point in the following days it hit me: but…. I still have all the symptoms; though I replaced dreaminess for hyperactivity. (I have the motor skills now)

Then, I cried. Not because I was sad, but because I was happy. Relieved.

ADHD we can work on.

I somehow managed to do really well in school; I’m rather intelligent. I never was able to study though. I somehow graduated secondary school. Then, I somehow graduated from university. I have no idea how I did that. I do know that I chose problem based learning because I knew I was incapable of attending classes. I also know that I’m a lot better at learning while doing. Anyhow, it feels like I woke up one day, put on a pretty dress and found the letters ‘M.D.’ behind my name.  I did not graduate top of my class, I don’t think of myself as a particularly brilliant doctor. I’m also not the only ADHD doctor.

Then, along came work. I lasted 4 months before ending up at home with a depression and a mild relapse of my anorexia. Probably, I’ve burnt out my brains on the wards; where you have to work fast and attentive all the time… and I couldn’t make it.

At the moment I’m working 20 hours of emergencies a week; which is fine. I have about a 15 minute attention span; which is long enough to see the patient. When it gets exciting, adrenaline works as a natural Ritalin, and I’m calm….

So, that’s more or less the status quo. I’ll be posting bits on here, I want to share the troubles and joys of living with adult ADHD… and I want to manage it!

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