Yay, prescription drugs!

27 Mar

Ain’t I brilliant? I forgot my password ONCE AGAIN. So dear hackers, don’t even try, I change the password about once every time I log in. My password at work is a different matter though: I have to change it every 2 months, and last time I had it resetted because for the love of God I could not remember what it was. Writing it down is not allowed. Consequently I could not figure out how to change it from default…

Anyway. So right now my mind is racing like crazy. Probably has something to do with too much sugar (when will I ever learn) and it’s quite a bummer because this morning I was unusually calm. Calm = good for job interviews.

Wearing cream trousers to said job interview = good plan as well. Wearing cream trousers to eat strawberries = bad plan though. Now I have to figure out a new outfit. And hope strawberries don’t permanently stain.

I saw my brand new psychiatrist today. She first claimed all my psych drugs as ‘on her watch’. Not that many though, just paroxetine and OTC melatonin. Seriously, I’m going to kiss whoever invented melatonin. But, that’s not the point. The point is that I got Ritalin, and very specific instruction to eat first and then take it (either you have an ED or you don’t… but seriously, I want to maintain my weight and not lose it again).

So tomorrow I’ll pop my first pill. AFTER my job interview, just in case it makes me act funnier than I normally do. So, wish me luck. With both.

In the meantime I’m going to try and figure out why they wrote self help books for ADHD-sufferers, given our relative inability to focus on a book and follow instructions.

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