I’m thrilled!

31 Mar

1) I got this handbag for free, basically. I still had a gift voucher, and it was the last one but it had no price tag. The cashier lady wasn’t in the mood to go all the way to find out the actual price, so she sold it to me for the price of a similar but much cheaper bag in completely different colours. The actual price is more than the voucher, but now I still have about 5 euros on the voucher!



2) I am sitting here, waiting for my iPhone 4 to be delivered. I don’t NEED an iPhone 4S, so I’m quite happy to save the money (I was on Ritalin when I made the order). But a good smartphone will help me… me. Plus, I got a terrific deal on it. Now, I would really appreciate it if the delivery boys came NOW…


3) And acutally, most importantly, I got a new job. And it’s perfect for me. Lots of action, never knowing what to do, and it gives me the opportunity to hone my people skills. Plus, it’s 36h/week. And, it’s with a great team. 

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