Pharmacotherapeutical Efficacy?

31 Mar

I’ve had three days on Ritalin now. I decided not to take it today, and I’ve been doing lots of things but I’m not sure I’ve actually accomplished anything real at all. As usual.

I’m not sure I’m all ‘set’ now, but it’s baffling to find your head finally keeping it’s mouth shut. I could focus on a teaching, and the images in my head were the graphic version of the words said (in this particular case: the life cycle of the malaria parasite), rather than random associations and ponderings at a pace I can barely follow.

Shopping was more successful too; as in: while I was on Ritalin, I could resist the urge to buy stuff I didn’t really need right now.

I still had some inattentive lapses such as getting a vegetarian friend a cup of chicken soup, and I still think I was a bit too present at times when I should be shutting up.

My tic didn’t become worse so far. Apparently my new favourite place to do it is the toilet, by the way.

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