I love my new iPhone

23 Apr

Old people have these scooter thingies with which they knock over stuff in grocery stores and run into you. Followed, of course, by a very indignant stare: how DARE I be there, all of a sudden? (= for the past 10 minutes, trying to figure out which tomato sauce gives me the best price-quality-volume deal). The juvenile rheumatoid arthritis guy at my secondary school had a laptop because he couldn’t write. (please take into account that I graduated in 2004). People who can’t see properly have glasses, or contacts. 

And I now have my iPhone. Because I have ADHD. And it really is helping. No more bits and pieces of paper, in various states of being lost, with all my brilliant ideas or my shopping list or things I Must Not Forget. Naturally there is one flaw with that archaic system for organising ADHD-life. It gets lost. But, apart from one or two near-lose incidents and one stolen phone…. I’ve never lost-lost a cell phone. Plus, I can play with it, which kills time when waiting. And I can make phone calls. 

Long story short: this was worth it. 

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