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spring fatigue

So, the weather cleared up, and it’s lovely out (well, when it’s not raining) and it’s finally getting a bit warmer. Time for boundless energy, you’d think. 


I’m tired out of my mind. This says something, as with ADHD I typically don’t feel fatigue until I’m about to pass out. Having trouble getting out of bed, never getting enough sleep, I’m pale and everything. It doesn’t make sense. And mind you, I’m not depressed, just very tired. 

I read up a bit on the matter, (aka a 5minute glance), and apparently this has to do with basically a draining of your body’s resources during winter. I can get into that, this winter has definitely drained me, and I was feeling better and all… but now nature is telling my body it’s time to ‘grow’ and rejuvenate and I suppose it’s letting go of the stress of surviving the hard winter. Thus fatigue and a cry for healthy food… and forget not excercise. It’s all part of recovery. I’m going to be stronger.

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Actually, I’m bored.

I’ve been thinking a bit during my recent shopping trip (went for groceries, came back with a bunch of toiletries, some make up, a belt and random kitchen utilities (needed, to be honest, considering I’ve for example lost the bowl attached to my cheese grater, and grating cheese is incredibly difficult without it).

My time off has been all about overspending, actually. I know, I know, I know…. and yet, I can’t explain it. 

And I think I’m just bored out of my mind, really, so I’m really glad about work tomorrow. 

I have ‘hobbies’, yes, but none of them fascinate me enough to keep me fascinated for days straight. I’m really creative, but I’m also impatient, and most creative hobbies I can only do when I’m actually partially involved in something else, such as the TV. 

Anyway. I can stop dreaming about that perfect little white dress now, and focus on getting to work, and getting out of debt. 

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Me and my plants

Just, something I’m proud of. Sort of.

I have a bunch of plants, and they’re still surviving.  One of them even grew so big that I needed to repot it, and it rewarded me with 5 new stems sprouting up. I don’t know what it’s called, I’ve forgotten that already. I’ve witnessed the miracle of my sunflowers (self grown) coming back to life several times. My orchid is still alive after half a year, but I’m not sure it has grown at all. Although, it seems to be sprouting one tiny leave.

I’m getting old. But I enjoy watching the plants grow, it’s actually really gratifying to plant flowers in a planter because they grow every day.

My previous plants didn’t survive as well. I sort of decided not to do plants anymore; I mean, I even managed to kill an aloe vera plant. (Those things grow massive in the South-African climate!). At some point, I rather impulsively bought a bunch of plants. Several months on, they’re still rocking. That means I’ve somehow managed to NOT kill them, and actually water them frequently enough!

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End of Vacation

Just had two weeks off between jobs. It would have been better to move straight on to the next job and take time off later, because now I spent the past two weeks completely wasting it while being absolutely frazzled and impatient because I wanted the scary first day of work to be over and done with. 

I also had my intake for ADHD coaching… it didn’t go too well. I ended up showing up late because of planning failure and missing a train. 

Tomorrow I’m starting. 

And I’m completely frazzled still, but I do have a new summer wardrobe…and less than no money, and for fucks sakes I want some peace. 

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