So, Hello again

30 Dec

First off: Where the hell did that spider came from and why hasn’t the rat caught it? I know the rat is scared of yoghurt in a bowl, but arachnophobia in rats? I’m not afraid of it, it’s just odd… and for some reason I dreamed of clearing massive spider webs somewhere this morning. How… odd…

Right. So I kind of decided to pick up this blogging thing again, it’s something I’m good at and I kind of feel like it’s a tiny think I can do to contribute to maybe a more positive or more real image of the whole adult ADHD discussion.

It’s really strange and a bit scary how ADHD influences who I am. I mean, some ‘symptoms’ are character traits. Impulsive. Chaotic. Apparently my random creativity also has something to do with it, my sense of fairness and how I see the world. But it’s not all who I am.

-Spider has now been moved outside by me, I’m pretty sure there’s more spider food outside-

Right now I’m off sick from work with bronchitis. The type that had me at the out of hours GP centre last night, trying my best to get my story straight. Can’t breathe, am dead tired and the coughing is driving me nuts. I am even considering taking a bath because I can’t stand long enough to shower.

I can’t stand being ill. Hope the antibiotics kick in some time soon.


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