03 Jan

One of my colleagues is driving me nuts. Simply her attitude, her constant need to be in the centre of attention, her ‘look-at-how-amazing-I-am’ behaviour. Her over-the-top stories.

And mostly the fact that she seems to be singling me out to put down in some sense, very subtle… PROBABLY because she feels like she has to compete with me for attention.

I’d gladly NOT land myself in the centre of attention, but I can’t really help it.

It just bothers me that she feels the need to point out to me what she thinks I do wrong (I have 4 times her work experience, says a lot about her since I’ve got about two years under my belt). It bothers me that she keeps on trying to push me aside socially, sometimes more obvious than other times. Then again she acts nicely. It all just comes across as being very fake, and I can’t stand fake people. I can’t stand people who live only for themselves either, and I can’t stand people who think too much of themselves. Guess we’ve got a triple annoyance here.

Look, honey, you can’t take my place in the group at this job. I stay, you’re a temp, and simply because I am the stayer I get social points.

Somehow I also hate that she’s picking on me when I’m not feeling well. But, I guess, I’m the more mature one.

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Posted by on January 3, 2013 in Random, Rant, Work


One response to “Bitch

  1. mintedmoose

    January 3, 2013 at 12:23 pm

    Sadly this happens everywhere and we all have to put up with immature little bitches. There is one at my place. When i first met her i thought she was nice. After 3 months she is showing the real her and i just want to smack her lol xXx


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