21 Jan

I’m pretty sure there are many people who ‘suffer’ from a constant feeling of being overwhelmed, like I do. ADHD and non-ADHD. There is just too much of everything these days, and too many choices. Too many people. And the worst bit: nothing really matters. It will all change by tomorrow. I sometimes miss the world I grew up in. It didn’t feel like being in a perpetual multicolour IMAX 3D sandstorm with dolby surround.

info overload

If you want to know something, all you have to do is google it; even possible on your smartphone. Of course, there’s no real way of knowing that what you learn is trustworthy. Any idiot can post stuff anywhere. Hence occasional waves of paranoia, especially among young stay-at-home mums (But If I Vaccinate My Baby He Will Be Autistic….) I mean, just try to get some new style ideas…

ad overload

Then, try to go shopping. Apart from being faced with a constant ad overload, everything is the newest and the best and the most wonderful… you have to make sensible decisions between stuff screaming BUY ME, whilst dealing with either rude salespeople or the overly excited type. Of course everything looks marvellous on me darling…. Very rarely you’d find the actual helpful type. There are just too many choices. And meanwhile, ‘new’ happens about every week or so, so you can never really get an overview and choose the ‘best’ product for you. The downside to this ‘new’ craze is that things that DO work will not be found ever again. So next time you’ll have to start all over again.

I can imagine this is hard enough to deal for ‘normal’ people, AKA those with Attention Abundance Hypoactivity Disorder. (Hello couch potatoes!) but for me it’s sort of explosive. Because everything leads to brain storming, and while you’re trying to control one impulse the next one is on and over you. I mean, with ADHD (especially if you have the H bit with related impulsiveness) you see, act and then think. Kind of Vidi, Vinci et Veni… rather than in the appropriate order. There’s too much to filter. And then, when things go wrong you get this:
point finger
from those ‘normal’ people who can simply not understand. ‘But you should have thought of it/prepared better/known/done it differently/looked up the info/just controlled yourself’. So infuriating. Especially when these people have something to do with making the situation overwhelming in the first place. I was trying my damn hardest to make it work!! And they always get to me, so apart from being caught up in a massive mess that has everything to do with wanting to make things ‘better’ and being overwhelmed by the amount of everything in the first place… I also get left behind with a feeling of falling horribly short. Since pointy fingers never really help; I end up having to ‘sort it out by myself’ leading to the whole cycle starting all over again.

If anyone has any ideas about how to deal with this, please give me a shout. The irony of it all is that you have too many choices, but it’s ridiculously hard to find what I want!! It would be easier to just go in and out if I didn’t have to try on 25 jeans before finding one that fits, or if supermarkets stocked the things that I’d like to have. The last one has everything to do with me not being Dutch. Apparently I’m weird for wanting cream of tartar, baking soda or Horlicks. I’ll post a ‘part 2’ when I’ve figured out some ways to deal with this problem. Not the lack of Horlicks, but the overwhelming bit.

The sad bit is that most of whatever ‘new’ and developing it is really damaging to the environment, our health and animals and in some sense relationships. But who cares, as long as there’s money to be made and personal pleasure to be attained, right?

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One response to “Overwhelmed!

  1. CeeLee

    January 22, 2013 at 8:13 pm

    I really can relate to what you’ve written.
    All too easily!
    I live in the state of Overwhelm,
    which is just on the outskirts of Chaos Crossroads 😉


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