Damn uterus

23 Jan

Yes, this is a blood-spattered whiny hysterrant. Because I have half an hour before my pain killers start kicking in, and those still are the ‘wrong’ kind -how did I manage to be without naproxen?

Men just have it so easy, you know?

The stupidest part is that somehow, period pain is something you shouldn’t ‘complain’ about, something you should just suck up. Why? I did not ask for this? This is not some ‘mild’ cramping, this is the type that leaves me barely able to stand, faint, tired and pale. ‘Us women’ usually don’t get that ‘just period pain’ can be so debilitating.

Sometimes it’s just worse than usually, this is one of those times. I’m no sissy, really. It feels like being kicked in the lower abdomen really hard. Pop pain killers, and go to work…

Heh. Now, the mental image of men having manstruation pains is really amusing. I mean, we all know what they’re like when they have a cold… if men had monthly cramps women would rule the world. I think it would actually be a better place. I mean, the only reason men are ‘dominant’ still in society is because they’ve got bigger muscles. Just, seriously… imagine it! Oh, wow, imagine how bad pregnant men would be! They’d probably DIE during labour. (Yeah, just asked my male rat, Taylor, he nodded)


And of course, this post would not be complete without the anatomy

And look, they even have a picture of a Dutch uterus!!
Dutch uterus

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