25 Feb

Can you suffer from general life burnout? I am drained. Mentally and physically, and I’ve spent the day dragging myself around just to get basic stuff done. Freaking out in the supermarket because I can’t solve a problem about sauce; but at the same time work is just FINE. But I’m completely exhausted after a normal work week.

I don’t know.

I much less know how to fix this.

I associate burn out with people who have had it easy in life in general, but then get into a stressful job and can’t cope because they never had to learn how to. So it adds up. Just the way their dice rolled.

burn out

I’m not depressed, but I may be heading in that direction. I’m most definitely worn out from stress… and the result is more stress because I can’t get the basic things done. Or, maybe, this is a ‘mild’ depression. I don’t know; the ones I had were always severe. You know, the type where you’re completely debilitated, suicidal, and all the other stuff….

Let’s just hope I can turn this around.

I’m so tired of dealing with my mental health.

fuel empty<a

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