And a very good morning to you all too…

01 Mar
And a very good morning to you all too…


Especially not if they started at 7:15 with the joyful sound of someone hammering on something that sounds very much like the central heating system… you know… those undefined metal pipes that run underneath my bed to the opposite wall and is connected with the heating systems in all appartments? Followed by drilling, hammering the wall and something that sounds like an industrial vacuum cleaner crossed with a sanding machine?

Especially not if they started after a rather short nights sleep because I set the alarm for 9AM because I’m working late ish?

Especially not if it only stopped at 10:30 AM….

7:15: wake up thinking this is odd, then thinking someone trying to hammer a nail into the concrete wall is pretty stupid… then trying to drift off to sleep again but this did not work too well.

7:20: walk around in house trying to figure out where the noise came from… can’t, it seems to be coming from everywhere. Grumble.

7:25: put jacket on over pyjamas, walk out trying to figure out where the noise comes from. Turns out to be from the empty flat across the hall. Knock on door. This is useless, as it can’t be heard over the racket. Walk up a flight to determine if they weren’t working elsewhere.

7:30 bang on door, shout ‘Cut it out with the noise!’. Neighbours would be awake anyway. Hear muffled voices. Door opens, greeted by short stout construction guy: ‘You knew about this!’ Explain that I didn’t, and that I have to work late this evening so I kind of would appreciate some sleep. ‘Oh, well, you were SUPPOSED to be informed, we’re removing asbestos and it has to be finished by 10AM… terribly sorry but there’s nothing I can do! Normally neighbours ARE informed! We started an hour later, we were here at 6:15.’ What-the ?????????????
Try to figure out if I have the janitors contact info. I do not.

7:40 play with phone in bed… there is only so much joy to be had with Candy Crush so I decide to play in Pinterest instead, waiting for the noise to subdue so I can nap before hitting the gym. Spend half an hour laughing… till my abs are sore.

9:30 realise that I’m going to be feeling underslept all day, have sweets and a ‘stroopwafel’ for breakfast because fixing something seemed too complicated in my still half awake state. Funny how I need 3 hours to wake up after sleeping too little!

10:00 cook dinner for tonight, trying to figure out my medication schedule as well, taking concerta at 10:30-ish and curling up to play games on laptop

11:10 decide to skip gym and go tomorrow instead. Play on wordpress. Try to figure out something about an arts project, realise that I made a tiny mistake

12:05 realise that I need to do my nails today if I want to go to the gym tomorrow… and that I had all morning for that! Now have to shower and get ready and so forth…

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