All in a day’s work

02 Mar
All in a day’s work

I work in crisis intervention. It’s sometimes a brilliant job, sometimes I hate it, sometimes I’m bored out of my mind and sometimes I’m flooded with work. The same applies to my colleagues. Sometimes it’s exciting, sometimes it’s annoying… and it’s really rarely boring.

The boring bit would be Thursday morning teachings. Boring may not be the best word choice, but sitting still and listening to a lecture never was my strongest point. Sometimes it’s interesting, sometimes I feel like I’m sitting in a med school rerun.

One thing: it’s never ordinary. It’s extreme.

Just to give an idea: the following happened during one shift
– Talk to general practitioner about patient
– Visit Grumpy Old Man who can’t take care of himself; discuss case with psychiatrist
– Try to admit Grumpy Old Man in filthy house against his will
– Ask police assistance to get Grumpy Old Man out of his house and in the ambulance. He wasn’t very keen.
– Discover pets in house, sort out with police, ambulance and animal shelter what has to be done.
– Discover that academic training didn’t do much for my understanding of bird water devices. Much to the amusement of ambulance personnel, police and our nurse.
– Visit depressed young mum at home in the suburbs. Situation safe.
– Have dinner while doing admin and receiving phone calls.
– See manic patient in separation ward to determine whether he needs to be held against his will. He’s fine with staying where he till morning according to plan.
– Conclude that stealing the mascotte of a bank probably wasn’t the best idea in the world.
– Conclude that I know more French than I thought I did.
– Assist police in a mental health job

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One response to “All in a day’s work

  1. CriminalMassWorder

    March 2, 2013 at 5:39 pm

    That sounds about right from what I’ve herd. I think I have a vague idea of where you got the idea to write this post ;), Thank you though! I can say it’s never dull. Just dont burn out from passion fatigue, countertranferance, and the like.


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