And… back!

12 Mar

And I’m back from my short holiday on Gran Canaria. It was great, had a fabulous time with my boyfriend.

Haven’t loaded my pics yet, so no pictures today!

We did discover a few interesting things:
– South-Africa beats Spain when it comes to knowing how to not get sunburnt on the first day and end up with a bottle of SPF 20 in your vicinity at all times. Despite having olive skin and thinking one can’t burn.
– Southern Spanish forget to pronounce the last few letters sometimes. Saleslady ‘Buendia’ Him (=native Spanish speaker, northern Spain): ‘What is she saying?’ Me: ‘I think she’s trying to say ‘hello’?’ Lady walks past again ‘Allo!’
– Gran Canaria is a lot more than a cheap holiday spot for working class heroes from the UK, Scandinavia, Germany and Holland. We drove across the island, it was quite lovely! I’d actually suggest skipping Playa del Ingles and staying in Las Palmas!
– And on an island in the Atlantic you can shop at the Zara, H&M, Marks&Spencers….
– Spanish girls have small narrow feet. According to the shoe salesman, who advised me to size up if I live in Holland. Except that I have small narrow feet as well…
– Taking your Spanish boyfriend to the shop with you suddenly lowers the price…
– While the island may be warm and fairly sunny year-round, the same does not apply to the Atlantic ocean.
– Vulcanic sand sticks very well to your skin, ESPECIALLY if you’ve applied sunscreen, made that discovery about the Atlantic first-hand and prefer oil over cream on your skin.
– Cacti and pine trees can grow right next to each other.

Now, if you don’t mind, I’m about to go ruin my hair trying to dye it back to it’s natural colour myself, since ‘iced cacao’ is nearly black.

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