23 Mar

cold flowers

Ok, so maybe there’s no actual snow her (yet?)…. but I’m a bit anxious for it to get, say, above 10 degrees celcius. I mean, it’s March… and I’ve been holding out in this horrible cold for too long.

Shame, poor flowers. The first ones are out… as if they’ve looked on their calendars, realised that it’s almost April and they should have been out a month ago. But then they came out and it’s freezing cold and now they can’t go back. Temperatures are ranging between -4 and 4 degrees. Where I come from thats just plain fucking cold.

Maybe things work different if you’ve actually been born in a cold climate, but I was not. The cold sucks out my energy, makes my mood drop and makes me a bit lethargic to be honest. I feel physically stressed all winter long. I wanted to go to the gym, but I didn’t, because I didn’t want to face the cold.

I’ve shopped for some warm things for summer, and that’s pretty depressing but it would be more depressing if I did that when it was actually supposed to be summer. I miss summer. I really do. I don’t count anything under 20 degrees actual summer, but 20 is warm here. Also, given the TallSkinnyCurvy problem I can’t wait for sales. Sales are something I have to get really really lucky at. I got a cream coloured losely knitted jersey from C&A *budget*, approved by a random husband. And I got lucky at the New Look with a denim jacket which fit perfectly around the shoulders (but sleeves are short…). The short sleeves doesn’t bother me in this case, as it looks silly with the sleeves down anyway. And I got an army green maxi skirt, and the H&M poster maxi dress. I can wear pantyhose under my maxi stuff… And maxi looks great on tall and skinny frames. Now don’t laugh if I trip over my own hemn please.

I just really hope it warms up soon. I’m not asking for much… just over 10 degrees, please? Weather forecast doesn’t give me much hope.
Just so I can put away my winter coats and not freeze. Just so I can go outside without gloves. Just so my body can relax a bit. Please?

*Looks on New Look site*… Oh..THAT is why I couldn’t get the skirt in a size smaller than UK 10…it’s part of the TALL range. Oh well, I tried it on and it stayed on my hips, there’s not much else to fit to a flowy maxi skirt… but maybe here’s another idea for tall skinny clothes…

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