Running faster than my legs?

02 May

So, this is another of my ‘projects’ that tend to go at an odd pace. I signed up for a 5K race in June, the goal being getting fit again and making a habit out of exercising. I WANT to run the entire race and preferably finish faster than 30 minutes.

But I am having trouble with the whole thing. My iPod nano tracks all my runs, and seems to be more accurate than when I used the Nike+ system with the shoe sensor. That doesn’t mean the running goes all too well all the time, and I go from frustration to frustration trying to fit in exercise with normal life. Today, I am tired. The other day, running didn’t work.

Yesterday, I went to body balance and it sucked.

And of course, I want to do it right, and sometimes I just can’t seem to manage and we’re still talking baby runs here.

I feel like my intentions are faster than my body and so on.

And I am scared I’ll fail at this simple goal: run a 5K.

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Posted by on May 2, 2013 in Brilliant ideas, Health


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