Running, ADHD-style.

08 May

The plan:
the plan
That’s about a 2.5K run, should take me less than 20 minutes and just enough to feel good. I was starting my Runners World 5k in 5 weeks programme, and it said 10 minutes but that’s hardly a challenge so I decided to start where I left off. I was supposed to run yesteday..but that didn’t work out for some reason.

As with many things as a Devastatingly Heavenly Darling, the run didn’t go quite as I planned.

The Result
what happened
Yeah… I kind of took a wrong turn somewhere, then kind of got my orientation screwed up. It went wrong in the woods. It was so pretty, so green, and so quiet. I kept on being distracted by it. And HEY look… a horse trail!! FUN! Oh HEY officers!
Now… eh… where am I? Oh, ok, Madurodam.
And then it starts raining. Hard.
3k to the centre? No, that’s too far, I think going the other way is shorter.
Eh, no, this is not where I want to go… turn back
Eh..wait, this MUST be a short cut.
Hmm this is really an amazing part of the city where I landed myself… Tennis courts? I THINK I know where I am? Finally… a main road…
Oh… crap… I’m a lot further than I wanted to be! But at least I know where to go from here…

I did actually run almost the entire first 4k of a total of 7.4k… not fast, but I ran. And this was fun, for the most part… a sort of mini adventure. And that was JUST what I needed. I’d been feeling really glum and bored lately. And my running clothes proved their worth! I only became cold the last bit, when it had actually stopped raining but my left knee was too sore to run on. I’m not at THAT fitness level yet, and for some reason my left knee always tells me when it has reached it’s limit. I hurt my left lateral collateral ligament in 2010 and ever since it has been an indicator of my legs’ fitness. Interestingly enough my right iliotibial tract has not bothered me at all! A year and something ago I went to the physio because it couldn’t take more than 15 mins running since I tore it in 2011. (Yup, I tore it. There was a hole in my iliotibial tract, my sisters pushed muscle back through the hole and it hurt like something else and took a year to recover!)
Anywy, so I walked the last bit, and that was a tiny bit cold towards the end.

For future reference: I have to get one of those iPhone arm things… my iPhone has GPS. My iPod Nano doesn’t.

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