Healthy choices

14 May


From time to time I struggle with making the right food choices for my health, simply because.

I don’t really understand why.I KNOW that it’s really important for me to eat healthy food. I also DO notice the ‘positive reward’ from doing so almost immediately.

Apart from chocolate, I really get just about no satisfaction from most fast foods or unhealthy, processed stuff. Every once in a while chips are nice, pizza too. Pizza isn’t really fast food, especially not if I make it myself. It’s just that somehow it seems appealing, and I’m impulsive. Often I’m beginning to feel hungry and simply reach for the first available thing.

Maybe I should add that eating isn’t my favourite activity. I’d be perfectly happy if I could subsist on air and coffee, herbal tea and diet coke for most of the time, but it doesn’t really work that way. I never know what I want to eat, because I HAVE to eat. I can be picky, but it’s really because I have to make my meals tasty and interesting for me in order to get enough nutrients. Else I simply can’t finish it: forcing myself to eat something I don’t like typically only makes my antipathy towards eating worse.

Meal plans -made by ME- do tend to work, especially if I have a few ‘pre-approved’ options to choose from. ‘Pre-approved’ simply means that I do kind of have to do the groceries for it, and if I think about it in advance it’s more likely to be healthy. It’s just that I absolutely hate making the meal plans and doing the groceries for it. So more often than not I procrastinate doing it. Breakfast is easy. Lunch is a perpetual trouble: I hate bread, I’m too chaotic in the mornings to prepare it…. and I hit a blank when it comes to easy non-bread lunches.

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