10 Jun

I am deliberately becoming a snob .Well, when it comes to stuff that is. 

Let me explain. 

Over the past few months I’ve been learning more and more to go for quality over quantity. To over think before buying. And not to settle for less, because going for less skips the satisfaction… in the long run, it does save money. I think. In the short run it brings more small moments of enjoyment into my day. I suppose it’s just the material (and nutritional) equivalent of making conscious, weighed choices staying true to oneself. 

I’m not good with money, or, well, my impulsiveness is. Part is ADHD, part also is just me trying to satisfy some ‘craving’. I want to look and feel great. At some point, I decided to stop buying anything that isn’t ‘perfect’; AKA exactly what I want. At the same time, I’m also learning to think before I act, and to remind myself that I don’t NEED everything I think I do. It’s basically the same thing expanded: do I want this dress, or do I want the opportunity to have or do something better later on? It’s a slow learning process, but I’m getting there. I think. 

When trying to save money, the first response would be buy the cheaper stuff, right? So I did. And I was not satisfied. The mascara ran, the jeans were uncomfortable and became only more uncomfortable with wear, the nail polish chipped, the body lotion made me itch. And I kept on thinking about better products, controlling impulses.

And I learned to be critical; I learned to decide for myself if something is worth it. And if it’s worth it, it’s worth it. If it isn’t, and I am not in some crucial need for something that would at least sort of work, I’m not getting it. Not even if it’s free. And that’s what it’s about: quality over quantity. And you can feel special every day! A few examples:

Ray Ban Aviators

I got myself a pair of Ray Ban aviators when I first started working. Before that, I had tons of cheap sunglasses, and only one pair of about 20 over a few years time was suitable to drive with, given my latent strabismus. Most sunglasses gave me a headache sooner or later, and the others impaired my ability to see depth due to poor lenses causing minor deformities in the way you see. This can actually also happen with some expensive designer eyewear, my mum’s Chanel sunglasses did that too. My choice for Ray Ban simply had to do with the aviators, and the price range at that time. Turns out, Ray ban also makes smaller frames which work better on my -apparently- small head. And then they got lost in the drama of transporting a bicycle by train. I was heartbroken. I had been wearing those for over a year, enjoying every wear, even looking forward to days on which I could wear them. I’ve taken care of them. I never had a pair of sunglasses that just worked that well. They were heaven when driving. 
But, they were expensive. So, I resorted to cheaper ones. A next pair of drug store sunglasses got tossed after one wear: headache. Then there were the ’emergency’ Polaroids, large and black and too polarised to read your iPhone screen. Gives a pretty rainbow though. And ugly. Then, there were the ’60s style Polaroids, bought only because the other pair was visually annoying me. These looked better, but they were still too big on my face, and too polarised for me to enjoy them. They were a utility. And now they’re scratched in such a way that it kind of defeats the purpose: why put sunglasses on to see if you can’t see through them. No idea how it happened; but it had something to do with me not loving them enough to always keep them in a massive case. They didn’t fit in the smaller cases. Massive case defeats it’s purpose, I don’t like dragging around too much crap. The total cost of sunglasses over the past year was half the price of the Ray Bans, and I would have gotten three times the joy out of them. I’m kind of bummed, the idea was to sort out some long-term issues and then rewarding myself with a new pair of Ray Bans, but to me it’s just simply not worth getting another pair of Polaroids (headache free lenses). So I decided to get myself the Ray Bans again. The Sunglass Hut will be getting ‘mine’ in this week. Some good things are worth the wait. 






To stay in the mood: I’ve had similar experiences with clothes. It’s not about expensive brands really; it’s about the stuff that works best for me. I mean, my ‘perfect’ tekkies for this summer cost me 20 euros at H&M, same goes for a lose knit jumper from C&A and that maxi dress I just LOVE wearing. I am wary of spending a lot of money on something that’s obviously a trend item; if I can’t find it cheaply I’ll have to do without. If it doesn’t fit, it doesn’t fit. Basics are worth ‘investing’ in. Sure, I can find seemingly fitting jeans for 30 euros. The pair of ONLY jeans I got 2 years ago only fit worse, rather than better with wear. I was getting impatient for it to ‘wear out’. Which doesn’t happen, because I avoid wearing it. And not to mention the annoyance I get from the gaping backs. Recently I tried Levi’s Curve ID. I’m somewhere between a Bold and a Demi curve, and I ended up getting a skinny one in Demi Curve. I needed half an inch extra to close the button on the Bold, thanks to my high-sitting hip bones. I’m a bit dissapointed, because the Bold made my bum look marvellous, but in this specific one in the Demi my bum looks great too. Anyway. I want to wear those jeans every day. They’re comfortable. They wear in to fit me, rather than become uncomfortable. I don’t have to wear a belt! MY JEANS STAY PUT!! I’d rather have 1 pair of these than all those other half-fits I own!



I’m a funny one. I went to the Burger King, right before roaming through the organic supermarket. While I’m all for being eco friendly and organic and such, I’m not going over the top. I went to the Burger King, because I didn’t want to cook. I didn’t finish the burger, because it was horrible. I went to the eco supermarket, because I wanted Tony’s Chocolonely salted caramel chocolate. Got some other stuff as well. I’ve been eating healthier lately, and I’m noticing that I’m eating less crap. Quality over quantity! I actually didn’t even consider getting a BK smoothie, because I was planning a home-made smoothie in my head! The Tony’s chocolate may be more expensive, but it lasts longer because it’s exactly what I want. My chocolate cravings are satisfied with one or two (depending on the size..) squares… whilst I’m capable of eating an entire bar of something else. Win on all fronts, right? Now I wonder if coconut goes with berries in that smoothie…


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