Summer bits

18 Jun


We had nice warm weather today, almost 30 degrees. I went to the beach for a bit this afternoon. Just, to feel like summer. I’m from a sunshine country, and I just feel more like me when I’m tanned, have bare legs and bare arms and need sunglasses. Dutch climate doesn’t allow for that.

Dutch people call 15 degrees Celsius and clear weather in June ‘great weather’. I call that cold. Great weather in my mind requires sandals.

I suppose living here has left me with an even greater appreciation of great weather.

Yesterday morning was sunny, and not too cold. I went to the gym, and bought my sunglasses afterwards. It was sunny when I walked into the store, it was cloudy when I walked out, 15 mins later. It stayed cloudy.

Today it was lovely for the most part. I had breakfast on my balcony, went to an appointment and went to the beach afterward. It was sunny, but then came some clouds. I stayed there because it was comfy and warm enough and they say the sun shines through the clouds, and it literally did at times. I put on some sunscreen, factor 6, like the good girl I am. I even took a dip in the sea just for the hell of it and it was warmer than I expected. It was nice.

I didn’t tan as much as I hoped. My legs are hardly any browner, and there is some difference in my top half but the only bit that does seem tanned is the bit of shoulder I missed when applying my factor 6! My skin has no problem dealing with Northern European sun at all, but better safe than painfully sorry. Especially on the bits that don’t normally see sun at all.

I hope there are more sunny days ahead!

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