19 Jul


Home at 00:45. I am tired.
I woke up tired. Daylight savings leaves me with a summer jet lag. 22:30 sunsets and my melatonin levels don’t like each other.

My med schedule doesn’t add up for tomorrow. The times don’t add up, I need either an hour more in my day or two hours less.

Time. Time confines, time is cruel once you learn to tell it. It doesn’t get better if you make a clock out of a recycled clock work, an old record and nail polish.

It’s still something that ticks away mercilessly, never considering that you need more of it.

Time to go to sleep, I’m doing weird talk.

I am tired. Really tired.

I would love more free time. Why is it called free time, time is never free!

Imagine life without clocks. Time would be kinder for people like me. Meal time would be when I’m hungry, bed time when I’m tired and its been dark for a while. Nobody could blame me for being 3 minutes late, because there would be no minutes.

Time, as in the progression of it, has always been there. Man invented hours and minutes. Time has rhythm. Rhythm I can handle. There’s always the next beat, the next sunset, the next hunger pang, the next full moon. Nature doesn’t remind me of passing minutes.

Good night.

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