A very big picture

23 Jul

ADHD people have a lot of imagination, they say. Originality. And often, they have strong moral values, and have thought about deeper things in life. For the record: we kind of have to.

Check, I suppose. Lately I’ve been pondering the bigger picture, imagining what the results could be.

What if we all massively and consciously lived according to the core of Christian faith? Love The Lord (and thus his creation), and love your neighbour as yourself because you have been saved? What impact would that have on, say, world peace?

What if IVF were not as available? Or weren’t available at all? Would that change anything for motherless children? Is IVF really macro-ethical? Would it change anything for women?

Would less people mean a more sustainable earth, or are we too far gone for that?

One of my favourite fantasies, a movie script in my head: a few honest and loving people get appointed to zap out those who the world is better off without: people who live only for themselves, people who abuse others, rapists, animal abusers, those who show no intention to work towards a better place for all, those who have no respect for others and the world around them. Or maybe it’s a virus, or angels, wiping out these people. And then, we build a great place for all.
Oh, wait, come to think about it, it’s not really a new script. Judgement day… I watch the fireworks, knowing I am safe because all is well with my soul. Serene; I have cried enough over this rotten world. Or something like that.

What would it be like if feminism truly has made itself obsolete? It would be amazing, I think! We could all be human, male or female. (Or something in between, in some cases?) I imagine a society in which sexism is frowned upon by all. For example.

What would the world be like if we had more female leaders?

Scrap that, what would the world be like if we had more leaders who put their people in front of themselves? More leaders who truly understood their responsibility. More leaders with vision.

What if Ubuntu was the way of the world?

And why the fuck don’t people care? Honestly, an answer like ‘I like the picture, but….’ only makes me want to punch you. If you like the picture of an ideal world filled with love, then shut up and do something.
Every small thing counts. I’m no naive idealist. I know the dream is far away and reality is harsh. But that won’t change if you go on butting.

What if medical research weren’t fuelled by egos? Why do lab animals need to suffer and die to possibly help someone slightly better than before… When the disease in question is caused by people making bad choices and refusing to change!? Why does the sheep have to suffer because you don’t want to quit smoking?

Newsflash: we’re all going to die. Why don’t people get that? News flash 2: illness and accidents happen to all of us, you don’t control as much as you’d like to. What is so hard about taking care of your body and mind and being thankful for the rest?

Am I weird if I feel that I may have a point sometimes?

And one other thing: dear beggars, scheming petty thiefs and people trying to get me to donate to various charities: STOP bugging me. I know you only approach me because you judge me as someone who will bite. Easy target. It’s offensive and dealing with you every time I go somewhere is annoying. Go ask the man walking right in front of me, please. I am not as sweet as you think I look, and yes, it’s heart breaking but so is everything else. Dear beggars, if I have food on me I’d be happy to share. I’m not paying for your booze, weed or smokes. Plus, I’m not taking my purse out, I grew up in a place where the license plates read Gangsters Paradise.

Dear lady who was hungry, said she was 4 months pregnant but looked too old to conceive and tried to get money off me: see above. Also, I considered phoning work to see if someone lost a patient. I’ve seen those tattoos before.

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