24 Jul

I’m having so much fun with blogging, actually! I’m buzzing with new ideas… as always. Come to think about it, having 10 different ‘active’ projects is status quo for me. 

I’ve had several blogs in the past, most were more journals.. and then there was the Doctor Blondie blog… Not too bad actually. It just kind of died when my first year as a doctor was over and I went on to my current job. At some point, being a doctor is just a day to day thing. It’s my job. Also, patient confidentiality was an issue and remains an issue. It’s easier to write about a guy with a low heart rate anonymously than it is to write about my current job anonymously, especially if I were to do it more frequently and on a doctor blog. I may take it up again, low-frequently, as I enter a new phase in my career. 

This blog, A Devastatingly Heavenly Darling, remains my favourite one. It’s more ‘me’, and I feel more free to play around. I get to create things in my own random, bouncy and rambling style. Yes, it’s about life with adult ADHD. That’s my life. ADHD is a curse and a gift. At the same time, it’s about just plain living life. 

I’ve been nominated for a Liebster award by Rika a few months ago. I’ve never ‘come around’ to taking it up, but the truth is that at the time, I was still just getting into this blog and I hadn’t discovered enough amazing blogs to consciously nominate yet. So, I will be doing that soon. 

I suppose I have some site updating due!

And then…. I decided to split up part of the blog and start a style/fashion blog. The Busy Darling Style Files will be the new home of Tall Skinny Curvy and much more. It’s still under construction. The reason: style and fashion has been a thing for me for ages, and most of it is not relevant for A Devastatingly Heavenly Darling. I’m updating the Tall Skinny Curvy brand list, given it it’s own page. My place to broadcast my style. 

Hopefully there will be many more happy blogging hours!


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    July 24, 2013 at 10:37 am

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