Adventure of the Month: July

05 Aug

Yeah, late with this, I know. I just kind of got really busy….

But without further delay I present the Adventure of the Month July 2013!

A good friend of mine has a boat. Since I am absolutely clueless when it comes to boating I can say this much: it has a sail, and a motor and it’s not very large but you can sleep in it, sort of like being in a 2-person tent. TDH and I went over there on a warm Sunday afternoon to join our friends for a day on the water. We didn’t sleep in the boat.

It was just great fun. Great company, and if you don’t do this kind of thing very often, it’s sort of exciting. Climbing off the boat to open small bridges, learning a tiny bit about boating and mostly just enjoying the day. Watching TDH playing Skipper was fun. And sexy. He gets this half-concentrated look on his face, which for some reason turns me into jelly. We forgot to bring, eh, water and, eh, cups. So at some point my friend tried to go ask water on an island where she knew people, but they turned out to not be home… luckily she did find a tap. And we shared bottles.

We jumped off the boat, dived off it (do not attempt this when wearing a padded bikini), played around with a li-lo. No, I did not manage to stand on it. Or kneel on it, this resulted in my knee halfway around my ear. We tried to sail, but it happened to be one of the least windy days of the year… at some point I jumped off the boat, waited a bit and then managed to catch up with it swimming. We tied the li-lo to the back of the boat when using the motor, was kind of fun but not the fast kind. I felt like an action hero climbing back onto the moving boat after pulling myself in. Good exercise.

We found a nice spot, right between a field with cattle (including their dung) and a nest of sting-flies to have a barbecue dinner. We returned too late: thanks to daylight savings the sun sets at bedtime. We were tired but so happy!

I felt so blessed to spend a lovely day with three of my most loved people in the world!


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