Maybe no asthma?

14 Aug

I feel like shit. After Thursday and the incident at the Out-of-Hours GP, I’ve sort of exhausted myself. I don’t know. My concentration is slightly off.

I’ve lost 2kg in a week. Today is the first day I’ve been able to reasonably breathe. I’ve been coughing. Stupidly, I went to work over the weekend… and exhausted myself. Monday I was incapable of doing anything really… Tuesday I went to see my own GP (In terms of not treating myself anymore). Result: turf pulmonology and Montelukast. (Oral asthma med).

Yes, it IS odd that I’m 27 and suddenly asthmatic to the extent of having to call in sick. I did call in sick, there’s no way I was going to get through the day today. Cigarette smoke triggers coughing fits, not a great plan when working with a patient population in which around 75% smoke. Even if they don’t smoke near me, if they smoke a pack a day it’s everywhere around them.

I’ve retrieved my peak flow meter. Monday I’ve had episodes of ‘blowing’ 200L/min. My max on Monday and Tuesday was 370 L/min, with max salbutamol and my seretide. For the record: my ‘expected’ value would be around 500L/min according to the charts, but my own ‘normal’ value is around 550L/min. Today I’m doing 440.

I’ve also had ‘feverish’ spells; almost like having hot flushes. TDH has commented on how ‘warm’ I am. I coughed a lot last night. My appetite is low, but given the weight loss and my low body weight to start with, I am sort of force feeding myself. (Also to shut a certain little voice up.. no, weight loss isn’t ‘great’ so shut the hell up)
My chest muscles and my abs are hurting from the coughing.

On the up side, I suppose… I WAS looking into an effective core strengthening exercise programme.

And I’m breathing. That’s good. ‘Dropping by’ the city centre as I was passing anyway after sleeping at TDH’s house to pick up paint was a bad idea. (I’m working on a crafts project and ran out of ‘Primary Yellow’ acrylic paint, and I thought I ran out of ‘carmine red’ as well but I had an entire tube somewhere so now I have 2). Funnily, I’m completely OK with the acrylic paint… well, the better ones. Just don’t let me near a bottle of nail polish!
After running into a Hare Krishna monk who wanted to save my life (Yes, I know I look like the walking dead, but that’s exactly the reason I’m not talking to you…) I got lucky with those black skinny jeans I’ve been looking for since last year. Some groceries later and I could barely stand on my feet.

I suppose. I’m breathing, and my heart rate has dropped below 100 for the first time in days and I haven’t used Ventolin today. So things are looking up. And my own differential diagnosis: Good old asthma/bronchitis, atypical infection, sarcoidosis… and hopefully not something causing my immune system to be non existent. Low probability. I don’t think I can have TB: I haven’t been exposed to it lately and even if prior exposure did get me infected without knowing it… a healthy 27 year old doesn’t ‘just’ get secondary TB.

Anyway. Time to get some sleep.


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2 responses to “Maybe no asthma?

  1. moleculefest

    August 15, 2013 at 3:12 pm

    Rest well and get well soon!


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