Feeling sorry for myself..

30 Aug

I just can’t take this anymore. I just want to curl up in a ball somewhere, and wake up when everything’s allright.

Not like that’s going to happen. I’m just so tired of being LIMITED. And right now I’m feeling fairly marginalised. My co-workers are sitting outside, smoking and discussing things.

I’m missing out on things and I am sitting here alone, because I can’t be around cigarette smoke.

It’s not fair. They get to choose to smoke. I don’t get to choose whether or not I have asthma and wether or not I can breathe normally… (Same problem with smokers at bus stops. I have no other travel option because of the asthma. I have had to flee multiple public places outside due to smokers. One lady was horribly offended! I mean, I kind of enjoy not having to gasp for air!)

Smoking should be banned. With harsh punishment for offenders.

Then I don’t have to deal with social exclusion. Then I can be free to go places. Then I can be less sick. And others too, I’m not the only asthmatic!

It’s bad enough an ordeal as it is. I don’t want any of this!

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Posted by on August 30, 2013 in Dear Diary, Health


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