Monthly Adventure August: being a patient!!

05 Sep

Not very ‘adventurous’ but it has been what August has all been about. And I suck at it.

Of course I have been a ‘psych patient’ for years. But that’s not new.  And ‘psych patient’ is really overrated, 1 in 4 adults will suffer from mental illness at some point. And if illness is a deviation of the normal state, I’m not ill because ADHD IS my normal state. It’s not my fault the world suffers from quite the opposite. 90% of the problems I encounter with my ADHD has to do with other people being unable to deal with me. Ok, 90% may be a bit overshooting it, but it’s a lot.

ADHD is not the problem. It’s having ADHD in a non-ADHD society.


So, I became a lung patient this month. Great fun, hanging out in the waiting room with a bunch of very friendly people who- judging by the wheelchairs and oxygen tanks- may be standing with one foot in the grave. One guy even greeted me in the waiting area for the X-rays. But, honestly, it was very cosy in the waiting room. I even had a chat with the out-of-hours-GP… well, she did the chatting, I did the gasping. Roughly.

Puts a new perspective on things when you’re the vulnerable one at the other side of the table. I must say, I enjoy the doctor side more. This asthma is horrible. I’m doing better now, but I’m still not done with it. Sadly.

Oh well, if nothing else, it has taught me a lot as a doctor. Nobody wants to be a patient. (unless they have Munchhausens).

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