4:44 AM

10 Sep

Night shift time.

Shift work and ADHD don’t really mix well. In my case at least. The irregular work hours sabotage any effort I do to manage things, and I am in an almost perpetual jet lag. (And then they wonder why it’s so hard for me to be on time!) That was without night shift.

I’m yet to see (again) how nights will influence this. I’m not doing several in a row. It was different when working in hospital, because there I had 2 weeks of irregular shifts with 6 weeks of normalcy.

I’m doing a single night and so far I’m holding up. I’m already jet lagged from evening shifts and some issues involving the ventilation system in my flat and the middle of the night obviously being the PERFECT time to touch up the markings on the street outside my home.  I’ve kept myself awake till 3AM last night, slept in until just past noon and then spent the day feeling like a zombie and off meds. It started out great: my 2:30PM breakfast of oats was overcooked because I accidentally put in far too much water/milk when cooking it and then kept it on the stove long enough to evapourate some of the excess. Then I noticed I had left the milk out. It started raining just as I was supposed to leave… so I read my medical mag and sorted out some old recipes at the same time before figuring out I’d have to go sort out some things for my sisters anyway. Went there with the bus, sort of walked in the wrong direction because I failed to notice that the streets were in a circular pattern… finally got there. Afterwards I did some grocery shopping for dinner (Lunner? What do you call meals when your day is night?) and noticed I had bought the only pasta sauce I don’t like.  I forgot that my second choice had a green lid, not a red one.  By that time I was feeling less zombie like and that was just me with my ADHD doing groceries.

Managed a nap between 7:30PM and 9PM. Brilliant! All went fine since, and I’m actually feeling OK. On my psychiatrist’s advice I’ve taken a lower dose of meds. I’ll be taking a second 54mg Concerta at around 6:30 because I have to go see said psychiatrist early in the afternoon. I can fall asleep on 54mg Concerta, so I might have a nap in the morning and then just stay awake until about 9 or 10 in the evening to reset. I hope I won’t feel like a zombie for three days to come.

I’m just so tired of constantly having to figure out how my day is going to work. It’s costing me so much time and energy just to get my day sorted around shift work, and there is no ‘med tracker’ app that will help me. (Oh. Meds. Atrovent. Late.) And no, setting a whole bunch of reminders every morning won’t be a realistic option, given that I’m already late.  Regardless of meds; my current 36h/week average job is tougher on me than the 48h weeks + study time I had as a student, simply because if the irregularity.

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