Monthly Adventure November! Conquering Paris!

04 Dec

Right, so I am starting this again. Because it’s great.

And my November adventure was absolutely wonderful.

My sisters, 2 guy friends and I went to Paris to watch the rugby test series, South-Africa vs France in the Stade de France.

P1080217 IMG_2183 IMG_2191 IMG_2210 IMG_2238 IMG_2262 IMG_2267 IMG_2281 IMG_2288 IMG_4404 P1080081 P1080117

And that was a completely random, shuffled overview of the two days in Paris. I see some pics weren’t added but I’ve already tried twice so sod it then.

We drove there on Saturday morning. Found our (cheap) hotel, went to see Mont Martre, then went to see the Moulin Rouge, had a low-budget meal and then some had coffee which tasted like chlorine.
We went to Stade de France, early, and before the game started the place was PACKED. With French. ‘Allez le Bleu!’  It was great fun to sing ‘Nkosi sikelel’i Afrika’ again. Loudly, because we had to make up for the fact that we were outnumbered about 100-1. The atmosphere was fabulous. There probably have been better rugby games, but I don’t care. We won! 10-19!. And I wasn’t THERE when all those better games were played.
Afterwards we had some issues getting back, had a free train ride and almost got locked in the Paris Metro. We checked out Paris by night.
After a far too short night, we started off at 9 the next morning. We went to the Arc de Triomphe, climbed it, and enjoyed the view. We walked to the Eiffel tower, then tried to find a church with lovely windows after visiting the Notre Dame, and eating every now and again.
We left halfway through the afternoon, only to get stuck in the traffic near Lille. Car accident. And then again near Antwerp. Roadworks???

Got home just before midnight. I needed a full extra day just to ‘work through’ all the impressions!! That weekend South-Africa invaded and conquered Paris. (There were people dressed in green and gold ALL OVER the place!). Then we gave it back. Too cold!


Oh, and the Macarons were my ultimate ADHD moment of the weekend. My sister wanted to try macarons. But they were expensive when we came across them. So on our way back I ran into these at a petrol station, thinking they won’t be the best ever but at least I can treat my sister to them in the car. In the car I noticed that I actually bought a macaron making set, including a book with 30 macaron recipes. In French. Today I tried a recipe out. I haven’t made macarons before, and my French isn’t really good, but even I noticed that the book has a few mistakes in it. My macarons came out fine though, despite  ‘detailled butter’ ‘husking chocolate’, and having to ‘trek af’ (Dutch slang for wanking!) the mint and cream…. and having to ‘carry it to cooking’. Perhaps a dictionary would have been a better idea than a translator app….


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2 responses to “Monthly Adventure November! Conquering Paris!

  1. theeditorsjournal

    June 15, 2015 at 3:51 pm

    Wow interesting …er…diversion in the macaron recipe there. – Sorry, you wrote this ages ago and if WordPress isn’t kind enough to at least take you back to the post in question (as it doesn’t sometimes) you’ll probably be wondering what on earth I’m talking about.
    Montmartre is one of my favourite places and I’ve learned something today – it has a ‘t’ in the middle. Who knew? Been spelling it wrong for years.

    • busydarling

      June 15, 2015 at 5:40 pm

      Hehe yeah I remember that. Have bought a better macaron recipe book except it requires a sugar thermometer which I don’t have.


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