Just… Not a good day

27 Dec

Even if it’s supposed to be my night.

– came home after night shift. Tried to sleep. Failed. I’ve never been a good daytime sleeper, my body prefers the light to be awake with.

– became increasingly grumpy.

– had to go back to pharmacy because they didn’t have concerta 27 last time.

– couldn’t find anything palatable to eat at supermarket, settled for a muffin for lunch (ate half) and some wintery microwave meal for dinner as I now have to sleep in the evening, so won’t be able to cook something nourishing. Forgot what else I needed.

-couldn’t find a simple yet efficient body cream within a reasonable price (I hate Dove and Nivea with a passion) at the local drug store. Ironically the expensive ones are fancy and inefficient. Settled for something that looks like it should be prescription only, hoping its cruelty free.

– No, none of my parcels have arrived. I want them; please!

– I got in a text fight with my sister over matters mentioned in previous post.

– The shower head has become impotent. It looks like it dates from the ’70’s, and now it can’t stay erect long enough to do its business, leading to water being aimed sideways in the direction that would cause most flooding, and least water to land on the desires area; aka me. I’ve diagnosed it with metal tiredness and it needs to be replaced. I haven’t figured out how to replace it without replacing the tap, as the hose on modern shower heads are wider than they were in the ’70’s. To make things worse, I busted the whole thing by pushing it against the wall when it wouldn’t stay up long enough for me to use both hands to quickly apply shower gel to my loofah. It is now leaking everywhere it can.

– Of course, just as I wanted to go to bed, lady upstairs decided to practice playing the trumpet. She’s been at it for months, and sadly she doesn’t seem to be making much progress.

– Cherry on top: cramps. In both feet. Yup, I posted this, wading in warm water as that’s the only relief for these cramps in mainly my forefoot. And I was wearing sensible shoes.

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Posted by on December 27, 2013 in ADHD, Random, Rant


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