Monthly Adventure February: quitting my job…

04 Mar

…and I know I still have January to add. (Spoiler: title will be: hug a lion). Let’s just leave it at those four letters…

… and I know my previous post is a massive spoiler…

But, I quit my job in February. Technically, I resigned in January for February, knowing I was starting training. I’ve had the same crazy job for almost two years, a record for me. Not that it was a very challenging record to break: I only graduated 3 years ago, and as a locum doctor you’re sort of supposed to switch jobs.

The decision to quit has essentially been made a long time ago, when I applied for specialist (GENERALIST!) training. While going up or down on whether or not I should have become a doctor in the first place, I always had a very strong idea on what sort of doctor I want to become. While I’m sure there are a few potential specialism matches, ‘psychiatrist’ isn’t one of them. I did the fun part of psych, the cowboy part, and while sometimes tough, it was a very valuable experience.

Given that I’m a very people-orientated person, leaving is hard because I will miss people. The crisis intervention team isn’t known for it’s easy and uncomplicated personnel, and many of the psych trainees are a bit apprehensive about their acute psych rotation. Look, you’re not going to cope in this job if you’re average. The job includes a different kind of collaboration most doctors are used to, lacking the hierarchy present in hospitals for example, and the psych nurses are experienced. I loved working with them from the beginning, they’re interesting people and they taught me a lot. I did not work with a bunch of difficult, hard-headed and callous psych nurses. I worked with a bunch of intelligent, interesting and tough people, who had their hearts in the right places. I am going to miss all of them. I am going to miss my boss, who really made me feel at home. I am going to miss the admin team, a group of pretty diverse ladies who were pretty essential to getting this job done. I am going to miss the two psychiatrists. Two very different men.

I am going to miss some parts of the job, after all, who else gets to do what I did?

Last Friday I had a going away ‘borrel’. (I am pretty sure there is no English word for the typical Dutch drinks with nuts situation! To call it a party or happy hour would be overrated…) It wasn’t the most popular event in the entire year, only a few people showed up but I really did appreciate it. I got such positive farewell speeches by the two psychiatrists that I probably started blushing….

All in all I think I left on a positive note.

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