The Flu, day 2,5

15 Apr

I don’t know if this is day 2 or day 3!

But I’m tired of it.

And I know, I’ve got an ‘experiencing’ learning style, rather than a theoretical one, but this is not exactly what I had in mind with learning through experience!

I don’t know if I’m actually feeling a bit better and if I’m just wishing I do. Ok, I did sleep during the night, and I slept through the morning.
I’m still probably feverish. My thermometer is at the practice. But I still woke up dehydrated, I still find myself putting on and taking off my robe too often… Instead of muscle aches I now mostly have joint pain. I’m still randomly coughing, and I’m not so sure of my throat.

I’m funny though. I’ve managed to wash my dishes, then think I’m doing better while lying down to rest from washing the dishes. Yes, I want to do everything again tomorrow, but going to the shop a few hundred metres away is too daunting. I think my appetite is returning, only to be more or less repulsed by any snack available. (I am sort of forcing myself to eat though). I think ‘It’s not that bad’ only to to wonder how I’m supposed to find the strength to take out my own trash, let alone vacuum. I had great plans for studying ‘as I’m stuck here anyway’ but find reading an article in Elle magazine a challenge to my focus.

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