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Slightly absent

I’m a bit absent lately… reason is, shortly, that a significant part of my life is really chaotic right now. BRB.

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South Africa’s top 30 Wonder Women

Here’s for some role models…
Ladies AND gentlemen.

(Hey. Precious Moloi-Motsepe is doing what I thought of doing… basically I lack everything needed to do that…)

Brent Lindeque


With incredible business savvy, determination and resilience, many South African women have succeeded in creating a name for themselves. Whether they achieved by moving up the ranks of the corporate world, through entrepreneurial innovation or fighting for social justice, these 30 Women represent the most powerful of the South African business cohort across various industries.

Each woman’s remarkable achievement is the result of a combination of many elements: identifying and maximising opportunities, striving for excellence in everything and a refusal to turn from their vision. Maybe you’re just starting out in your career; perhaps you are 30 years deep, let something from these women drive you to be the absolute best in whatever you do – be it creating floral masterpieces or brokering contracts worth millions.

divider2Graça Machel

graca-machel-portrait-550pxGraça Machel is not strictly a South African – but with her grace and passion for social justice and having married our…

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