How not to make coffee.

11 Jan
How not to make coffee.

Lattes are my thing lately. Especially since I discovered how easy it is to make lovely caramel lattes, vanilla lattes or even maple lattes. (Try it!)

I have this small filter coffee machine, perfect for 1-2 cups. The only problem is that I lost the measuring spoon, so getting the right amount of ground coffee is a bit tricky. I just opened a new pack of arabica coffee which smells a bit stronger and nicer than the coffee I had before, so I put a bit less in the filter than I’m used to.

It turned out to be a lot less, which I only discovered after adding the brew to my hot milk.

Not being in the mood for something extremely pale and milky and probably tasted pale and milky, I decided to run the lot through the coffee maker again, adding more ground coffee.

Who knows, perhaps I would find out a new way to make lattes! How come nobody else thought about this? Just running water AND milk through would be genius, right?

Turns out that there’s a good reason why that’s not how we make lattes.

The milk/water mixture doesn’t run through the filter.

What does happen is the filter overflows and you get ground in your cup, a lot of it. Of course, I only realised the filter was the problem after trying to filter out the ground from my latte using a fresh filter.

Teaspoons aren’t suitable for getting ground out either.

Tea eggs are, more or less.

The whole process probably took about 15 mins, enough for my coffee to cool down. And I only got out half the ground anyway.

In the end I drank half a cup of coffee through my teeth.


Now I probably should go clean up the mess before the cat gets home and notices I’ve been dancing on the table.



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3 responses to “How not to make coffee.

  1. rika9

    January 13, 2015 at 4:53 am

    I had a hell of a time learning to make tea lattes, until my friend who lived in England explained that you just make tea. With milk instead of water. Much less complicated than the shit I was trying to do.


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