31 Jan

Remember this?

Well, it’s back. And I am not amused.

My labyrinth is having an -itis again. Again.

Started having a cold last Saturday. I was frustrated because I was finally feeling full of energy again. Oh well. After the weekend I started sniffling a bit, and by Wednesday I was sure any possible actual and imaginary cavity I have in my head was filled with snot. Including my ears. I was on call, and Thursday morning I finally got myself some Otrivin. Still really not sick enough to call in sick at all, but my patients were feeling sorry for me.

Friday morning I had a hard time getting to work, but I figured it’s just my body wanting more sleep.

I started feeling worse and worse, couldn’t figure out why. Just felt really hazy.

Then I started feeling nauseous after taking the turn on the stairs,

And I had noticed that the fairies have started running their diesel engines in my right ear again, but I figured it had something to do with all the snot in there. I’ve been intermittently having some minor hearing loss in the past few days, thanks to snot EVERYWHERE., so it made sense.

By noon I told my preceptor I didn’t know how I was going to make it through the afternoon, and that I was nauseous. I left my bike at the practice and took the bus, grateful that I don’t own a car yet because I’m in no way able to drive right now.

I planted myself on the sofa and remained there, dead tired and dizzy.

Slept for 11h, and today my world still has a tendency to tilt towards the left. Sometimes I actually tilt towards the left, one time the stairs were a bit too close for comfort. But I’m sort of fine. I get around through spotting, you know, like dancers do. I use visual cues. All in all, for a case of vertigo it’s pretty mild.

As long as I keep still and have my head supported I can sit and do stuff. Problem is that I forget, then get up and start floating towards the left again. It’s a bit nauseating.

I think I’m also missing part of my hearing in the lower ranges in my right ear, like I did last time. It got better over time though.

If I close my eyes while sitting up, it feels like I’m slowly falling towards the left.

The whole thing has lost it’s amusement value by now.

And strangely, our primary care guidelines doesn’t mention ‘ labyrinthitis’ , just vestibular neuritis… the difference being the hearing part. According to our guidelines it’s Meniere’s… except I’m too young, it’s too mild and there’s a very direct association with a virus here.

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