My first car!!!

03 Mar

TDH and I brought home my/our car today. A 2003 Micra which I -bouncing with excitement- already dubbed ‘Padda’. Padda is the Afrikaans word for frog. Because it has ‘frog eyes’, let’s just hope it doesn’t start jumping. 

I feel like a kid on Christmas morning, and at the same time I feel like I should be a grown up now. A car is a responsibility!

I have a driver’s license for automatic transmission only, due to a very long story which may (probably is) ADHD related. I live in a country where most people drive manual transmission. I am perfectly happy with automatic transmission and don’t get people who think it’s strange that I chose to have this type of license. Why on earth would I go through more hassle to get a licence that allows me to drive with more hassle? Manual is fun outside of the city, but in one of Europe’s most densely populated countries automatic transmission is a blessing. Traffic jam? I just have to move my foot. 

I tried driving automatic during my lessons, and immediately decided that I would buy an automatic transmission car regardless of what my license says. 

Finding one was a bit of a challenge because most people prefer manual, especially in the small cheap segment I was looking in. 

I changed my mind about what type of car I wanted halfway through looking at a few. Started out test driving a Corsa, which was fine, except TDH wasn’t convinced about the easytronic gear box. I didn’t mind too much but had no use for it. Went to look at a few small ones (Chev Matiz), argued with a salesman about having issues with it’s 0,8L engine. I still think driving a lawn mower on the highway sounds a bit ish. 

The point being more than anything else: I sat in the tiny ones (old Suzuki alto, the Matiz) and knew this wouldn’t work. 

I know this Micra isn’t much bigger. But it is a bit bigger and that is enough. 

It also has a small engine but not a lawn mower size engine. 

I also tested the ultimate gerontomobile: Suzuki Wagon R. Seriously great fun in the city. Perhaps not so much on a windy highway. It’s a pretend lorry! My dad loved it tehnically. 

TDH insisted we try a few more, my dad and I were about to impulsively buy either the mint green Corsa or the bright blue gerontomobile. 

I was impatient because I’ve been waiting so long for that moment when I’d buy my first car. Seriously. I’ve been looking forward to it for 10 years. 

TDH has a different style of decision making. He dove into comparisons and reviews and phoned his mum, who -surprisingly- knew something about cars. 

I refreshed my search a few times, found a place (far away because they didn’t have any automatic cars nearby!) with 3 to choose from and asked my dad to go with us again. Then, last Thursday, Padda popped up on my search results. 

I took the two most important men in my life with me to check out the cars. Tested a crap Corsa, then went to check out Padda. 

Padda would do, didn’t need much time to think about it. I didn’t have much time either, he was in demand. Said the man who also sold my sisters their cars two years ago. 

I signed, went home to take care of the  payment and the insurance and we went to pick up Padda today. 

TDH drove home, because I haven’t driven much since getting my license 3 years ago. Both of those men in my life are very reluctant to let me drive. 

Fine. I will practice a bit with TDH first. 

But I am so excited!

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