09 Mar

After buying Padda the 12-year-old Nissan Micra, I have to start driving it. 

No, wait, I have to start driving. Period. 

I was wildly excited until I realised it’s true what they say about only learning to drive AFTER getting your licence. And I haven’t driven much in 3 years time. 

Today is the last day I am doing my commute by tram, train and bike. Had I known that I would have to make an unexpected house call at our furthest patient, I would have reconsidered my pencil skirt. It’s not very practical attire for a half an hour bike ride. I left the bike at the academic hospital, I want to ride it home after class next week if weather permits. (21km ride) 

Say goodbye to this!!

(Of course, there will still be occasional public transport moments. Just no longer every day!)

I am a bit apprehensive about driving by myself. I practiced a bit this weekend and drove back from TDH’s parents with TDH next to me. I want to go visit a friend by myself tomorrow. 

I’m in the right place for this now, and I don’t regret waiting a bit. I live in a complicated place traffic-wise. Being a new driver requires a lot of energy and focus, which I didn’t have a while ago. Given the place I was in immediately after getting my license, I think I’m in a safer place now.

I just have to get on the road and drive. (and remember that Padda stays the same size, no matter how small I feel). 

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