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No kisses for me!

No kisses for me!

TDH is on his man trip with his soon to be brother in law. So this week, no kisses for me. 

I am intending to thoroughly enjoy the freedom. As I am typing this on my phone I am having dinner and watching Pride and Prejudice on the BBC. I did not take my afternoon dose of whatnot and ended up getting in the wrong tram while thinking of this post, lipstick, and how good I felt off the meds… And ironically how well I seemed to be doing 

My plan for this evening was to do some beauty stuff. Scrubbing, facial etc. 

No, we don’t do it for the men, obviously. The man is in Norway, solving a problem about a pocket knife.

While at the drug store I decided to treat myself to lipstick, it was on sale and because I have nobody around to complain about lipstick kisses, I went for it. 

I couldn’t wait to try them!

In order of brightness:

Maybelline Super Stay 24 color in “340 Absolute Plum”. The most serious of the lot.  


I decided to go pink. It wasn’t as bright as I hoped but it works well. Maybelline Super Stay 14hr lipstick in “190 Persistently Pink”.  


And last, but not least: L’Oreal something long lasting in “701 Captivated by Cerise”

A girl can never have to much lipstick I think. 

And did people really speak so difficult in the time of Pride and Prejudice?

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A Prayer for my Homeland

A Prayer for my Homeland

Please pray with me if you’re a praying person, and remember to live through love.

Dear Lord,

Today I pray for the country my heart still calls home, despite my long leave of absence.
Today I pray for that country, despite knowing that there are even more horrifying things going on elsewhere. I pray for those things too, dear Lord, but today my heart is aching for my land.

As I read the news, dear Lord, I see a lot of darkness there. I see how, 21 years after 1994, things are not going well at all. I see poverty, violence, corruption, illness, suffering… and cruelty beyond imagination. I know, not all is bad and there are still many things that are good, beautiful and true down there. Today I am praying about the darkness and the pain, about the fear and the raging hatred.


Lord, the situation is complex in that country where society still hasn’t managed to fulfil it’s own dream of a Rainbow Nation in which we could all be free, side by side. I sometimes wonder if people remember that dream from way back when… and sometimes even I start to wonder if it’s just a fantasy. Are we humans even capable of doing that?

I pray for the country where every time the national anthem sounds, the plea also sounds for God to bless Africa, though sometimes ‘God save Africa’ still seems as appropriate as ever. I pray for the country which seems to be burning in the shadows sometimes, because I know how it can glow in the light.

Lord, people are scared and threatened and seemingly more polarised. I am not sure what to make of certain us vs them groups, everyone seems to have their own truth. In the end, the polarisation seems like a bunch of time bombs to me.

One of them seems to have gone off with frustrated and angry South-Africans attacking and even murdering foreigners simply because they are foreigners. I pray for the suffering families, the wounded. I too am a foreigner, Lord, trying to make a life in another country. I know about the poverty too, Lord, but I fail to see how this is an answer. It is just so dark. I don’ t know where this will end, Lord, with the rest of Africa responding to the violence against foreigners in South-Africa.

The other thing that concerns me very much is the underlying internal polarisation. Right wing here and there, something happens and statues fall… and I’m not sure for what. It’s a symptom of darkness, Lord, I think. I don’t know what all this means, but I can no longer close my eyes to it. This is all on top of everyday crimes, horrors and suffering in that beloved country, Lord. I cry for it.

Lord, heal my broken country. Let love shine through, let the light win over the darkness. Let it be a wonderful place for all in it, a safe haven. Be with those who are dealing with the current events directly, give them strength to get through. Teach South-Africans to love and forgive. Heal the millions of broken lives.

Lord, in the end, if all is in Your will.


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Seasonal change

It started out as a brilliant idea to create order in chaos in my wardrobe. Two years on, it has become a ritual, to be performed every time the clock needs to be set ahead.

I had the week off last week, to recharge, and I used part of it for the wardrobe switch. I’m pretty sure by now everything would fit in there in one go if I really tried, but I like having the overview and… turns out I spend less money on clothes this way because by the time 6 months are almost over I am looking forward to wearing the other clothes. It almost feels like having a full new wardrobe every 6 months, but then with the familiarity of stuff being mine.

My ‘other season’ stuff fits in a suitcase. That was summer, now winter is in the suitcase (OK, due to the bulkiness of some of the knits, the boots don’t fit in the suitcase. Summer did fit in there). And I have a bunch of year-round favourites.

I organised my shoes, cleaned all of them and gave them some protective spray because the weather looks like this:

(yes, that’s actual spring, or something like it. It’s pretty much freezing, but it’s almost like my wardrobe change reminded Mother Nature she should be springing spring, because well, sometimes the sun is out but I’m still wearing a winter jacket)

Also, I went shopping. And while shopping, I discovered I’ve almost walked a hole in my tekkies, so time to replace those then too. (The black Timberlands are more for the almost year round winter we have here, the temperature is still in the range where I need gloves and warm shoes in order to maintain the blood supply to my fingers and toes). I didn’t need too much this time, basically I kept on thinking ‘when am I going to wear that?’.

I did find one thing I was very excited about. A sports bikini! Haven’t seen one of these in… years. I used to be a competitive swimmer, and swimming still is a great way to get fit and stay fit with a terrific input-output pay off… but I’d never want to just swim again. Too many other fun activities. I am tall and I am the sometimes proud owner of a generous bust for my frame, which makes finding bathing suits a bit tricky. I get to choose between the discomfort of a wedgie or the discomfort of my boobies flapping around. The two bathing suits I had worked a bit for a short period of time, but both are really old and I was contemplating wearing sports bras underneath them. Until I randomly found a sports bikini at Marks and Spencers.

So off to the pool it is, for me! Given my pathetic level of fitness combined with my injury proneness and seasonal allergies (another one of the downsides of living in Holland…I go from freezing to sneezing and wheezing to being in a permanent jet lag right to the point where I start freezing again)…. swimming seems like a great idea to get fit

Now I just need to find a pool where I can go for a swim.

And here is another sign that spring has sprung, just for good spirits. Isn’t he adorable?

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Dear pharmacy 

Dear pharmacy 

I am writing you this letter in response to recent and less recent events. Somewhere in January I had a prescription for a refill for my asthma and ADHD meds. I had enough of both the atrovent and the Q-var, but I was going through some kind of infection which reminded me to order the meds. They are chronic meds for a chronic condition and my GP signed the refill prescriptions.

You then decided to not give me the Q-var as your system said I had enough still for about a month and a half. I had sent TDH to pick up the meds, because he had more time and knows how much I hate spending my free time in the pharmacy. You gave me a tiny piece of paper with the prescription on it, so I can pick it up later. 

Because time is a more logical way to organise things by than association? 

You see, the problem is -and you could be aware of it considering the other prescription was for methylphenidate- I am wired in the ADHD way. 

Meaning, in this particular setting, that I lost the tiny piece of paper, have already underused the Q-var in order to avoid an extra trip to the pharmacy, and just overturned my entire apartment trying to find it. It also means that I got very irritated about this twice: once because my plan didn’t work out and today because it didn’t work out even more. Something that should have been very simple: have an extra aerosol so I can keep on properly treating my asthma, now became complicated. 

I do understand that you monitor prescription refills to prevent abuse and wasting of public funding (not that the public is funding my meds as it all ends up being paid by me, they call it a mandatory deductible in this country). 

I just wish you could understand that it’s also my health and my spare time we’re talking about here, and it costs me more effort than average to manage these things. I need a system to work. I am definitely not going to abuse an inhaler, and at most I may lose it. So please cut me some crap and just fill the prescription next time!!

When I got to the pharmacy today, really needing my inhaler because I turn out to have developed a new allergy, I was told to phone the GP on Monday for a new script. Do you have any idea how complicated it is to remember to do that, then come back at some point, sit and wait (another daunting task) and when do I really have time for this? My evenings are too short as it is. 

Luckily I am a doctor myself and I asked for a piece of paper to write it myself. The lady asked for my registration number, then asked me to write out my own script for Ventolin because the script from my GP did not come through. 

All of this because I was thinking ahead for a change! That did not work out too well for me. 

Please, dear pharmacy, just don’t make this harder for me than it already is. 

Yours sincerely, 

Busy Darling. 


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