Seasonal change

12 Apr

It started out as a brilliant idea to create order in chaos in my wardrobe. Two years on, it has become a ritual, to be performed every time the clock needs to be set ahead.

I had the week off last week, to recharge, and I used part of it for the wardrobe switch. I’m pretty sure by now everything would fit in there in one go if I really tried, but I like having the overview and… turns out I spend less money on clothes this way because by the time 6 months are almost over I am looking forward to wearing the other clothes. It almost feels like having a full new wardrobe every 6 months, but then with the familiarity of stuff being mine.

My ‘other season’ stuff fits in a suitcase. That was summer, now winter is in the suitcase (OK, due to the bulkiness of some of the knits, the boots don’t fit in the suitcase. Summer did fit in there). And I have a bunch of year-round favourites.

I organised my shoes, cleaned all of them and gave them some protective spray because the weather looks like this:

(yes, that’s actual spring, or something like it. It’s pretty much freezing, but it’s almost like my wardrobe change reminded Mother Nature she should be springing spring, because well, sometimes the sun is out but I’m still wearing a winter jacket)

Also, I went shopping. And while shopping, I discovered I’ve almost walked a hole in my tekkies, so time to replace those then too. (The black Timberlands are more for the almost year round winter we have here, the temperature is still in the range where I need gloves and warm shoes in order to maintain the blood supply to my fingers and toes). I didn’t need too much this time, basically I kept on thinking ‘when am I going to wear that?’.

I did find one thing I was very excited about. A sports bikini! Haven’t seen one of these in… years. I used to be a competitive swimmer, and swimming still is a great way to get fit and stay fit with a terrific input-output pay off… but I’d never want to just swim again. Too many other fun activities. I am tall and I am the sometimes proud owner of a generous bust for my frame, which makes finding bathing suits a bit tricky. I get to choose between the discomfort of a wedgie or the discomfort of my boobies flapping around. The two bathing suits I had worked a bit for a short period of time, but both are really old and I was contemplating wearing sports bras underneath them. Until I randomly found a sports bikini at Marks and Spencers.

So off to the pool it is, for me! Given my pathetic level of fitness combined with my injury proneness and seasonal allergies (another one of the downsides of living in Holland…I go from freezing to sneezing and wheezing to being in a permanent jet lag right to the point where I start freezing again)…. swimming seems like a great idea to get fit

Now I just need to find a pool where I can go for a swim.

And here is another sign that spring has sprung, just for good spirits. Isn’t he adorable?

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