No kisses for me!

28 Apr
No kisses for me!

TDH is on his man trip with his soon to be brother in law. So this week, no kisses for me. 

I am intending to thoroughly enjoy the freedom. As I am typing this on my phone I am having dinner and watching Pride and Prejudice on the BBC. I did not take my afternoon dose of whatnot and ended up getting in the wrong tram while thinking of this post, lipstick, and how good I felt off the meds… And ironically how well I seemed to be doing 

My plan for this evening was to do some beauty stuff. Scrubbing, facial etc. 

No, we don’t do it for the men, obviously. The man is in Norway, solving a problem about a pocket knife.

While at the drug store I decided to treat myself to lipstick, it was on sale and because I have nobody around to complain about lipstick kisses, I went for it. 

I couldn’t wait to try them!

In order of brightness:

Maybelline Super Stay 24 color in “340 Absolute Plum”. The most serious of the lot.  


I decided to go pink. It wasn’t as bright as I hoped but it works well. Maybelline Super Stay 14hr lipstick in “190 Persistently Pink”.  


And last, but not least: L’Oreal something long lasting in “701 Captivated by Cerise”

A girl can never have to much lipstick I think. 

And did people really speak so difficult in the time of Pride and Prejudice?

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