17 Jul

We went to Croatia for a holiday and it was lovely. Just a week, but we saw so much! We went to Split, stayed in Podstrana, went to the Krka national park and went diving at Vela Luka. 

While diving we had a photographer with us, who at some point insisted he wanted to take photos of us. (Might add them later). After that the dive master showed us a clam. TDH kneeled and picked it up. 

I gestured he should put it down. 

He started opening it. 

I started fervently gesturing and screaming through my regulator. I didn’t want the clam to die! 

He showed that opened clam to me. 

I thought: do you really want me to watch it die?

I hesitantly looked. 

There was a ring in it. 

I nodded and signalled OK! 

We’re engaged!

The ring wasn’t the real ring. It was the one he practiced on. 

The what?

TDH went to ask my parents three months earlier, and went to my parents place every week to make the ring himself. My mum’s a goldsmith. 

He never did anything like this before. 

Definitely yes. 



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