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Busy Baby is growing so fast!

The Busy Baby is 10,5 months old and in some ways no longer a baby. I have reached the level of motherhood where I don’t care if she eats off the floor, I am just happy it’s spilled cornflakes instead of Lord knows what. The other day it was a screw. I have no idea.

Being a mother is challenging but I wouldn’t change it for the world. In fact, I wish I could have done this 5 years ago. Yes, we were struggling with tooth nr 4 -right top second incisor because left top first incisor would have been too standard- all night the other night. But those teeth are kind of cute, a bit silly, but cute. And she used them to take a bite off a biscuit today, like a big girl. 

She’s standing up against tables, chairs, doors (especially the toilet door when I am on the other side), legs, and cardboard boxes although the latter isn’t very suitable standing support. 

She says ‘ta ta’,mama, papa and ‘dai dai dai’ for Splinter the rat. I have no idea why she calls him that. Perhaps she has dr Doolittle abilities and that’s his actual name.

She’s been eating mostly ‘baby led weaning’ style -not because I have some prior convictions about it. She simply refused to eat baby food but would eat adult food. All fine and dandy but now she’s acting like a 2 year old around food. She refuses crusts on bread -she at them until now! She actually refuses to eat veg a lot of the time. She’d live on banana and human milk if it was up to her, with ice cream of course. And chick peas. She loves chick peas. This girl isn’t even one year old! 

She crawls like crazy. Nothing is safe. And for some reason she knows exactly where I don’t want her to be, and sprints there. She started to do the coffee table shuffle recently, so walking isn’t far off. 

I can’t believe we will be planning her first birthday party soon!! 


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