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Monthly Adventure February: quitting my job…

…and I know I still have January to add. (Spoiler: title will be: hug a lion). Let’s just leave it at those four letters…

… and I know my previous post is a massive spoiler…

But, I quit my job in February. Technically, I resigned in January for February, knowing I was starting training. I’ve had the same crazy job for almost two years, a record for me. Not that it was a very challenging record to break: I only graduated 3 years ago, and as a locum doctor you’re sort of supposed to switch jobs.

The decision to quit has essentially been made a long time ago, when I applied for specialist (GENERALIST!) training. While going up or down on whether or not I should have become a doctor in the first place, I always had a very strong idea on what sort of doctor I want to become. While I’m sure there are a few potential specialism matches, ‘psychiatrist’ isn’t one of them. I did the fun part of psych, the cowboy part, and while sometimes tough, it was a very valuable experience.

Given that I’m a very people-orientated person, leaving is hard because I will miss people. The crisis intervention team isn’t known for it’s easy and uncomplicated personnel, and many of the psych trainees are a bit apprehensive about their acute psych rotation. Look, you’re not going to cope in this job if you’re average. The job includes a different kind of collaboration most doctors are used to, lacking the hierarchy present in hospitals for example, and the psych nurses are experienced. I loved working with them from the beginning, they’re interesting people and they taught me a lot. I did not work with a bunch of difficult, hard-headed and callous psych nurses. I worked with a bunch of intelligent, interesting and tough people, who had their hearts in the right places. I am going to miss all of them. I am going to miss my boss, who really made me feel at home. I am going to miss the admin team, a group of pretty diverse ladies who were pretty essential to getting this job done. I am going to miss the two psychiatrists. Two very different men.

I am going to miss some parts of the job, after all, who else gets to do what I did?

Last Friday I had a going away ‘borrel’. (I am pretty sure there is no English word for the typical Dutch drinks with nuts situation! To call it a party or happy hour would be overrated…) It wasn’t the most popular event in the entire year, only a few people showed up but I really did appreciate it. I got such positive farewell speeches by the two psychiatrists that I probably started blushing….

All in all I think I left on a positive note.

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Monthly Adventure November! Conquering Paris!

Right, so I am starting this again. Because it’s great.

And my November adventure was absolutely wonderful.

My sisters, 2 guy friends and I went to Paris to watch the rugby test series, South-Africa vs France in the Stade de France.

P1080217 IMG_2183 IMG_2191 IMG_2210 IMG_2238 IMG_2262 IMG_2267 IMG_2281 IMG_2288 IMG_4404 P1080081 P1080117

And that was a completely random, shuffled overview of the two days in Paris. I see some pics weren’t added but I’ve already tried twice so sod it then.

We drove there on Saturday morning. Found our (cheap) hotel, went to see Mont Martre, then went to see the Moulin Rouge, had a low-budget meal and then some had coffee which tasted like chlorine.
We went to Stade de France, early, and before the game started the place was PACKED. With French. ‘Allez le Bleu!’  It was great fun to sing ‘Nkosi sikelel’i Afrika’ again. Loudly, because we had to make up for the fact that we were outnumbered about 100-1. The atmosphere was fabulous. There probably have been better rugby games, but I don’t care. We won! 10-19!. And I wasn’t THERE when all those better games were played.
Afterwards we had some issues getting back, had a free train ride and almost got locked in the Paris Metro. We checked out Paris by night.
After a far too short night, we started off at 9 the next morning. We went to the Arc de Triomphe, climbed it, and enjoyed the view. We walked to the Eiffel tower, then tried to find a church with lovely windows after visiting the Notre Dame, and eating every now and again.
We left halfway through the afternoon, only to get stuck in the traffic near Lille. Car accident. And then again near Antwerp. Roadworks???

Got home just before midnight. I needed a full extra day just to ‘work through’ all the impressions!! That weekend South-Africa invaded and conquered Paris. (There were people dressed in green and gold ALL OVER the place!). Then we gave it back. Too cold!


Oh, and the Macarons were my ultimate ADHD moment of the weekend. My sister wanted to try macarons. But they were expensive when we came across them. So on our way back I ran into these at a petrol station, thinking they won’t be the best ever but at least I can treat my sister to them in the car. In the car I noticed that I actually bought a macaron making set, including a book with 30 macaron recipes. In French. Today I tried a recipe out. I haven’t made macarons before, and my French isn’t really good, but even I noticed that the book has a few mistakes in it. My macarons came out fine though, despite  ‘detailled butter’ ‘husking chocolate’, and having to ‘trek af’ (Dutch slang for wanking!) the mint and cream…. and having to ‘carry it to cooking’. Perhaps a dictionary would have been a better idea than a translator app….


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Monthly Adventure August: being a patient!!

Not very ‘adventurous’ but it has been what August has all been about. And I suck at it.

Of course I have been a ‘psych patient’ for years. But that’s not new.  And ‘psych patient’ is really overrated, 1 in 4 adults will suffer from mental illness at some point. And if illness is a deviation of the normal state, I’m not ill because ADHD IS my normal state. It’s not my fault the world suffers from quite the opposite. 90% of the problems I encounter with my ADHD has to do with other people being unable to deal with me. Ok, 90% may be a bit overshooting it, but it’s a lot.

ADHD is not the problem. It’s having ADHD in a non-ADHD society.


So, I became a lung patient this month. Great fun, hanging out in the waiting room with a bunch of very friendly people who- judging by the wheelchairs and oxygen tanks- may be standing with one foot in the grave. One guy even greeted me in the waiting area for the X-rays. But, honestly, it was very cosy in the waiting room. I even had a chat with the out-of-hours-GP… well, she did the chatting, I did the gasping. Roughly.

Puts a new perspective on things when you’re the vulnerable one at the other side of the table. I must say, I enjoy the doctor side more. This asthma is horrible. I’m doing better now, but I’m still not done with it. Sadly.

Oh well, if nothing else, it has taught me a lot as a doctor. Nobody wants to be a patient. (unless they have Munchhausens).

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Adventure of the Month: July

Yeah, late with this, I know. I just kind of got really busy….

But without further delay I present the Adventure of the Month July 2013!

A good friend of mine has a boat. Since I am absolutely clueless when it comes to boating I can say this much: it has a sail, and a motor and it’s not very large but you can sleep in it, sort of like being in a 2-person tent. TDH and I went over there on a warm Sunday afternoon to join our friends for a day on the water. We didn’t sleep in the boat.

It was just great fun. Great company, and if you don’t do this kind of thing very often, it’s sort of exciting. Climbing off the boat to open small bridges, learning a tiny bit about boating and mostly just enjoying the day. Watching TDH playing Skipper was fun. And sexy. He gets this half-concentrated look on his face, which for some reason turns me into jelly. We forgot to bring, eh, water and, eh, cups. So at some point my friend tried to go ask water on an island where she knew people, but they turned out to not be home… luckily she did find a tap. And we shared bottles.

We jumped off the boat, dived off it (do not attempt this when wearing a padded bikini), played around with a li-lo. No, I did not manage to stand on it. Or kneel on it, this resulted in my knee halfway around my ear. We tried to sail, but it happened to be one of the least windy days of the year… at some point I jumped off the boat, waited a bit and then managed to catch up with it swimming. We tied the li-lo to the back of the boat when using the motor, was kind of fun but not the fast kind. I felt like an action hero climbing back onto the moving boat after pulling myself in. Good exercise.

We found a nice spot, right between a field with cattle (including their dung) and a nest of sting-flies to have a barbecue dinner. We returned too late: thanks to daylight savings the sun sets at bedtime. We were tired but so happy!

I felt so blessed to spend a lovely day with three of my most loved people in the world!


048 - Copy


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Adventure of the month: Take a holiday to Spain… (june 2013)

Right. So that whole ‘adventure a week’ idea didn’t work out so well. Some weeks are just not very adventurous, and I don’t really enjoy writing about trying out a new recipe or seeing a movie and calling it an Adventure. Although, sometimes a movie can be fab enough. And I am very proud of myself for upgrading a recipe to something yummy and healthy.

Last week I returned from a short trip to Spain. I went to Zaragoza, where TDH is from, and saw where he grew up and met some of his friends. I tried to understand some Spanish. (I’ve read the introduction of ‘Spanish for Dummies’ in Dutch. Perhaps I should have read the first chapters as well, but that didn’t happen. I should have ordered the English one instead I think, learning a new language from your second language seems like second best…).
Anyway. Here is a brief visual impression of my trip…. oh, it was also very romantic!



Nightlife! Well, evening life.



Requires no explanantion.

2013-06-28 10.13.29
Romantic, sweet breakfast for 2

Old-school blogging!

2013-06-30 13.30.45
Exploring the city, in the warm sunshine. just look at that sky!!

Cooling down, Plaza del Pilar

We’re off to see the Wizard… (Mago = wizard) I don’t know why Dorothy fussed with the yellow brick rode and her misfit companions… she could have just taken the tram!

2013-07-03 18.41.29
Holland is not a very welcoming country to arrive in!

I’m such a lucky girl!!

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