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Relaxing… How do we do that again?

I’ve had a crazy work schedule lately.

Actually, I’ve had a crazy work schedule… most of the time… because I work a crazy job. Details details details.


It’s my evening off, and time to relax. Except, turns out, I’m not particularly good at this whole relaxing thing. I don’t know. Too many distractions, a too distractable mind… too many brilliant ideas? I mean, should I go blogging, should I work on my spice rack, should I read a magazine, should I watch TV and what am I going to wear tomorrow?

I have had times in which I can relax. Brief times, an hour or two maybe. Usually when the rest of my stuff is done and my house doesn’t resemble a small war zone.

Usually after a lovely work out.

Usually not when my living room is sprawled with the 10 000 brilliant ideas I think I’m working on. Usually not when I haven’t been working out. Usually not when my diet consists of things that shouldn’t really be considered food combined with a relatively small proportion of actual food.

I need to get my shit back together. AGAIN.

I need some rest.



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