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Almost warm hands….




So my mother-in-law-but-not-formally-in-law, better known as TDH’s Madre, read about my ‘suffering’ and surprised me with this gift in the mail:



They’re called bike pogies, apparently, and I’d probably call them something else, but the idea is that they keep your hands warm on a bicycle.

It’s 4 degrees C today and I decided to try them out on my 30 min bike ride to church. The pogies come with tie wraps to attach them to your bike and ideally prevent them from getting stolen, however, I think leaving them on my outside-sleeping bike would defy their purpose when it starts raining. I just fastened them with the elastic.

They actually match my bike very well, by the way.

I wore my fingerless gloves and double layer mittens (wool and fleece) as well.

And off I went.

Or, so I thought. Getting my one hand in wasn’t such a problem, but the other one was because I didn’t have a third hand left to keep the pogie open and in place. Used my teeth, very charming.

So, off I went.

Just about halfway I had already lost sensation in my fingers (and toes, for that matter).

Before I got to church I was miserable: I couldn’t feel my feet, my legs felt frozen, my face felt like it had no blood in it (which it probably didn’t), and my brains were feeling slightly frozen too. I’m guessing it was a bit colder than 4 degrees then…

The pogies also had another slight drawback: push buttons at traffic lights. Remember how I got one hand in just fine and the other less fine? Some buttons can be pushed with my elbow, some can’t, and I’m not one to go riding through every red light I see. (I find that a bit anti social, to be honest, expecting everyone to look out for you like that). The velcro strips, intended to keep the water out when you’re not using them, added to the hilarity of getting my mitten back in.

I had 3 frozen fingers when I got there, and it took only 5-10 minutes to thaw. My feet were a different problem!

On the way back they really did prove their worth: they’re wind proof and water proof. It started raining a bit, and even if the rain isn’t that bad… a bit of wet gloves = pain.

Oh my gosh. I am becoming Dutch. I’ve used ‘not that bad’ to describe rain on a bike at 4 degrees C. I’ve been infected with the insanity!

Anyway. This is what my hand looked like when I got home.



It’s really not that bad. I didn’t realise it was only 4 degrees, the forecast was 7 and sunny. (It wasn’t sunny either). I didn’t even have my leather gloves on underneath the mittens, which I usually wear if I’m aware of the low temperature before leaving home. Ok, I may have lost my leather gloves. I experienced discomfort, but not pain.

Although, I think the product would be a lot better if it could provide an extra layer between your hands and the handle bars… because the handle bars are just as cold as the outside temperature… and my hands do not provide enough heat to change that.

All in all, they’re doing something. I do find it both hilarious and brilliant that such a product exists (An is made out of recycled plastic bottles).

And it’s of course really sweet of her to send them to me, out of the blue, just because. (I’m blessed with his family too!)



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