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Touch. Pause. Engage??

So a patient invited me to come check out her rugby club.

Because, well, that’s the most obvious thing for two women to discuss, right?

Some of you will know, but I’m 1m77 tall, and weigh around 60kg. More supermodel than rugby prop. And then she made her point: you can outrun the rest.

And then I forgot about the whole thing.


And then, somehow, the World Cup Soccer last night landed me on rugby. I rooted for Spain.

And this may be another hair brained idea of mine… but she may have a point.

Look, I’m not Springbok material BUT….

– I can be surprisingly strong. In secondary school I used to be a competitive swimmer, when I really have a body built for lower body strength. I could arm wrestle quite a few of the boys in my class.

-I can run fast if trained. I’m not a top athlete… but I can run faster than most women.

– I have broad shoulders.


– the last time I actually played was in gym class in school. I was upset about the no-tackle rule school imposed, when they lifted that off I was happy. I was less amused when the teacher, impressed that I could do SOMETHING except for not paying attention during baseball, not liking soccer and having too short calf muscles to complete the Cooper test (SWIMMER, remember?) put me in the line up. Me, and 5 guys who were 1.90 tall at least.

Oh well.


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Posted by on June 14, 2014 in Brilliant ideas